Myself, very novice in the field of production, was introduced to Jovita Bernard by a fellow committee member. We were organizing our very first Black History event titled Rooted: The Journey from Soil, Seed to Fruit; a combination of spoken word with varied entertainers and no one present had any experience in performance and theatre.
Shortly after our initial conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting and eventually working with Jovita and ever since that first introduction, neither I nor my committee have been disappointed in her immense knowledge in the coordination of a concert event! Jovita quickly jumped on board with our team and brought an optimal level of confidence, integrity, professionalism, and exceptional intuit to our project. She taught as she coached and that lesson alone, was worth its weight in gold!
When working with the youth, of which some has never had professional training, Jovita had great patience, brought a wealth of experience and possessed an innate ability of projection, placement and stage presence whenever she interacted with them. Jovita, myself, our committee and the participants of the event had very little to no time at all to rehearse, yet Jovita was strategic in executing what little time and space we had to ensure adequate and efficient coaching for each person present. On the day of the happening, she worked tirelessly and effortlessly to ensure the successful outcome of the event. She was a quick problem solver and often multi-tasked putting out fires while bringing restoration and order to unprepared acts or unforeseen struggles.
Jovita’s impeccable talents have proven to be invaluable to myself, my committee and the youth she interacted with and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for assistance coordinating and administering their performing and creative arts events!

Senora Pierce

Cornhill Cares Committee Chair